A Wonderful Time to Visit

A Wonderful Time to Visit. It’s true that Block Island is known for its summertime fun. However, if you visit in February, you’ll get the perfect spot on the beach. Yes, the water will be cold but the breathtaking scenery will have you mulling over that unwritten book or song that keeps playing in yourContinue reading “A Wonderful Time to Visit”

The Cold Will Warm Your Hands and Heart When You Find the Beauty Within It.

The cold will warm your hands and heart when you find the beauty within it. February on Block Island is cold. Really cold. However, it’s nothing a warm hat, gloves, and winter jacket won’t fix. The off season is a great time to visit. It’s the perfect time to find inspiration. I personally love toContinue reading “The Cold Will Warm Your Hands and Heart When You Find the Beauty Within It.”

A Last Great Place.

Block Island, nestled in the Atlantic 12 miles from coastal Rhode Island, offers the vacationer what does not seem possible anymore – simple relaxation in a startlingly beautiful place.  The Island is famous for its miles of free public beaches, sparkling clear waters, dramatic bluffs, preserved open spaces, and fun-filled activities for visitors of allContinue reading “A Last Great Place.”